Poet of today in Kyoto, Japan


Haruo Tsusaka


The Age Limit


It’s just opening tranquilly

above the swaying leaf of a mandin,

transparent wings with folds.

It has only got out of a dwarf’s shoe,

getting scared because of this cold summer?

in front of me who is watering the plants at dusk.


You are all cicadas

having crawled about sixty years for bread.

And now you can fly quite freely and express yourselves.

You can live your real lives from now.


So I’ve just encouraged my pupils at a culture center...

But the waiting time is long;

and his back begins to quiver.

I know he is making great efforts at this moment.

-- He, a cicada,

who has only reached his age limit under the ground.


His rear legs began to move and catched a twig.


The Paradise (1998) – Translated into English by the author


Emerging cicada




Haruo Tsusaka’s Japanese original of the poem: The Age Limit