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Dawn Elizabeth Anderson




30 year anniversary


Sharing30 years,

Laughter and tears,

Ups and downs

Smiles and frowns


Loving and caring

And always Both of you



Those Losses and gains

Joys and pains

A life that was untold

When u swore to each other

To have and to hold.


Sharing 30 years,

Celebrating today,

And loving each other

In your own special way.




Andrea Lippi


Andrea wrote this next poem on his way in Tahiti, and Tony Bambridge Ė a Tahitian business man Ė published the poem for him on a postcard with original Tahitian artwork. Andrea sent the poem back to the States and Europe.


Lovely Moorea


Moorea is moe than an Island

It is part of the Sunsetís glow

Jewel of Tropic Flavor

that all Tahitians know


Engulfed in Heavenly beauty

Blessed by Heavenly charms

Lovely, Lovely Moorea

Did Venus spring from your arms?



Andrea was so inspired by the beauty of Tahiti and its spectacular sunsets, that during the hours before he left the island, he jotted down these words and left them with a friend.


It isnít often that I cry

or let the tears fall from my eye

But Tahiti you must know

that for you the tears will flow


Wondrous Topic Island

where fondest dreams come true

My happy heart is heavy

as I sail away from you