Poet of the U.S.A.



Andrea Lippi

On the road to Salamanca



When the poet and his wife were travelling from Spain to Holland, they passed by Salamanca, in northern Spain. Somewhere in back of a house, Andrea discovered a Model A Ford. He was struck by the moment and wrote this delightful poem for the poor vehicle :



On the road to Salamanca

we found  model A

and when I asked the man the price

was much to my dismay

One thousand dollars cash he said

and never blinked an eye

That price for such a car

the thing should really fly

but the tires were flat

and the wheels were square

the glass had gone to rest

the inside of the body

looked exactly like the pest

How on earth could any one

ask or pay the price

He looked I looked

and the people there

were forced to look just twice

Two fools they said had really met6

and it was plain to see

The story that I am pleased to tell

is of a model A and Me.