Angels of the Guard


Chapter 5


Why did you doubt?


For you I long for being the most beautiful of the world; but the mirror slap me in the face when I look at it, obliging me to confront myself with the reality, taking away my dreams... Then I hear an inner voice telling me :  “Don’t you see he’s a public person having a duty to perform? Don’t you see he cannot deceive what people expected from him?  ... I can’t help feeling my appearance has not the qualities required to fulfil the role of a public wife .


– But... Are you becoming insane? ... Those people hurt you a lot with their words, that’s true... Those damn people ... What creasy ideas they put in  your head! ... Sincerely, I don’t understand. What kind of glasses do you put on when looking at a mirror? What makes you feel so ugly?  Surely you must know that there are a lot of different tastes. You may be unattractive to somebody and very appealing to others. For me you are the one I want. No other woman can replace you. How can you believe that a public man must adopt alien opinions? Let people think what they like. When they are bored, they invent stories to distract themselves. ... Our love depends only on ourselves; on the two of us; on nobody else. Must important is to love each other. ... Do you love me?


– What for a question is that? You now the response.


– You see. You don’t allow me any doubt. Why did you?


– I don’t  doubt anymore.


– The problem is that you never should. If some day I stopped loving you, I shall tell you. I promise to be the first to inform you. Is that right?


– It’s O.K. – and both of them take on laughing.


Suddenly, Alan says:

– I think I know how to get out from here. – Standing up, he bends down, takes a stone from the soil and says:

– Look at it. Its sharp-pointed. It will serve me to open  break-points to rest my feet, allowing me to climb to the top. It will  be hard to do and take some time. Don’t worry and try to sleep.  Once out, I immediately get to the chimney for help.  I shall be soon back; as soon as I can. You confide in me; isn’t it?


– Yes.


– Then, be quiet. Don’t worry if I remain silent. I need all my energies to accomplish the climbing.


Really it is not an easy task to get out of this diabolic hole. The concrete breaks every spot of time under his feet, making him retrocede; but he finally gets over.


– All the time Sandra was looking at him desperately, praying God to help pushing him up.


Adam reach the top exhausted, full of scratches and bruises. But he does not care for them. What he wants is to accomplish the saving of Sandra, and this as quickly as possible. He needs help; but first, he have to put some stones around the hole, to prevent nobody more fell in it.


With the help of a Guardian, he finds a crane, an old armchair, a solid belt and a thick rope.


The Guardian gives Adam his sandwich:

 Eat it, please – With all you had endured and without a bite to eat, you shall faint. Don’t worry for me, I already wolfed down a good breakfast.


To say the truth, Adam has to make a supreme effort to have the strength to smile and thank the Guardian. Helped by him  he takes place in the camion in order to show the way to the abandoned well where Sandra still lies. They arrived there in a short time; but this short time seems an eternity to Adam.


¡Sandra, Sandra! ¿Do you hear me? I am back now. – He said shouting as loud as he can – ¿How are you now? ¿Are you better now? ¿Could you sleep a little?...


– A little. Yes – came the voice of Sandra.


– A guard is helping us. We will get you out of this hole. But we need your collaboration. Move slowly please and get near the wall. When you get yourself against the wall, tell us and we will rush down an armchair..


– Please. Wait just a moment. It cost me a lot to move but I will do it. Just give me a little more time. ... Now it is. I did it. Go on. I long to be out in clean air.


Once the belt well fasten, they began lowing down the armchair.


– Take care, Sandra, the armchair is arriving. Do you see it?. Is it already near you?


Yes. I am seeing it.


Now. Listen to me.


I’m listening. What have I to do?


Nothing exceptional. Just take it easy and slowly without enervating you, seat down on the chair.  We are waiting all the necessary time. When you are in place and well secured, advice us and we will take you up.


– ¡Uf! are exclaiming the two lovers. Despite their battered corps, it is for them like reaching  heaven. They fall in each other arms, swearing to not get apart any more as long as their live. The acute pain seems to be erased in front of their felicity.


Seeing it, the visage of the guardian illuminates with a cordial  warm smile. Taking Sandra in his arms, he delicately sit Sandra into the camion and help Adam to get inside.


Driving directly to the chimney and go down with them, remaining until being sure they are well attended by their respective families.


Along the way home, Sandra remained silent, what worries Adam a great deal. She was like not being near him, like being elsewhere, in an elsewhere not agreeable, because her visage looked sad. This is not normal, thinks Adam. She must be happy to be alive. Just a moment ago the Parcae were trying very hard to pull her in the other side; in the profound abyss of death.


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