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Andrea Lippi


Mañana – Tomorrow


When the sky is blue

all these things

I am sure to do.

Everything, not done today,

tomorrow, will not go astray :

get the mail, buy the bread;

find the hat, for my worried head;

wind the clock, seep the floor...

With a wish like this

could I ask for more ?

Tomorrow, is that magic day

for it makes my troubles fly away.


When the cares of the days are not over

but the sun sinks in the west.


And you sit down on your easy chair

to counsel with God – then rest!!


May the poems in this book give you pleasure

paint pictures, which bring you delight.


May you sleep and the angels watch over you.

May the morrow be cheerful and bright


r  Andrea   r


This introductory poem was written by Andrea Lippi

in anticipation of a next book of poetry.



This poem and followings ones are taken from the book : PASSIONS OF A POET

available by sending a mail to:  lippipoet@comcast.net –





Andea’s adventure started in Philadelphia from where he flew to Panama. There he boarded the French ship, Resurgent, sailing for Tahiti. Tahiti was also the first place Robert Louis Stevenson  Scottish Poet and Novelist, specially known for his famous book : TREASURE ISLAND – visited. Andrea was so captivated by the Polynesian beauty and was so enthused, he wrote many poems about Tahiti. Here are a few :



Honeymoon in Tahiti


Honeymoon in Tahiti

neath the swaying palms

Music of the islands

Words from the book of palms


Hours of bliss on a starry night

by a tranquil sea

Heaven here on earth

Hours of ecstasy





The Angels dwell upon the sea

on an isle near Tahiti


The diadem in splendor shows

just why or when , all heaven knows


So say a prayer beside the sea

that you might visit Tahiti.




Quinns of Tahiti


Quinns is the place where palm trees  sway

You can sit on the porch

the live-long day


Coconut cake, coconut pie

Coconut ice cream

piled to the sky


Music fills the very air

Easy life

without a care


Shipmates meet from the world around

You have not lived

till Quinns you have found.




While in Tahiti, Andrea met and befriended Tony A. Bambridge, a Tahitian businessman

whom,fired by Andrea’s enthusiasm  dedicated a park to the

“South Pacific teller of tales”, Robert Louis Stevensons.