Christmas again,

again Christmas!

Again the snow,

again the songs!

But in the war

the children are cold again,

so cold, so cold,

alone and freezing so much!

in the fired streets of the war!


Christmas again, again Christmas!

A fest that is not a fest for the soldier

obliged to be at war,

obliged to kill his brother!


Christmas again, again Christmas!

Too much toys for some children!

Too much pain for some others!


What child is king in the Edenís ruins?

Who is king now in the land of our Lord?

Who has peace now in the lambís land of peace?


The Garden of Eden: bombed, destroyed!

Children are crying in the deep of the night!


For them, hope fled so far away!

Soldiers shot their mom

and their father is shooting fathers,

fathers of other children!


No toys for them,

no tree, no crib,

only horror and tears

to lull their dreams!


Mariette Cirerol

God who is Life,

God who is Life in me,

God who is Life in you!

This God who is in the air you breathe,

This God, this Life that vibrates inside of you,

this breath of joy that makes you so happy,

this breath of happiness that is given to you!

is a privilege you have to share.

Never forget!


You have no right

to keep this present only for you.

Spread it around in the world around you,

like a round of peace around the world,

like a white dove swirling in the blue,

like a gentle breeze blowing in the air.

Try to keep warm the heart of the Life,

try to keep it away, so far away!

from the hell of the war!


Help to make the new year a year of joy!

Help to make the world a more happy one!


To set the Peace all people desire:

saw your seed in the garden you own,

smile with your heart to all your brothers,

share with them the plant that grows


and a flower of wonderful Peace,

in your garden shall bloom!



PMariette Cirerol