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Heaven’s Ship

A ship sailed up the river

that all the good could see,

and Oh what a ship – was this wonderful ship,

the finest that ever could be.


Its masts were white hard ivory,

sails all spun of gold,

and of this ship, this wonderful ship,

were wondrous stories told.


She sailed from a port in heaven,

to a port where good men live,

and when you see this blessed ship,

a Blessing it will give.


So always remember the story,

and keep this thought in mind:

When you sail off to heaven’s shore,

this ship you are sure to find.








The Schooner Casco was Robert Louis Stevenson’s ship with which he sailed to Upolu, one of the Samoan islands. There, he bought a piece of land in the little village of Vailima where he established himself with his family, and died at the early age of 44, from a cerebral haemorrhage. On the photo, you see his tomb, under the trees, on Mont Vaea.


And this is the epigraph:



If you don’t remember, R.L. Stevenson is the one who wrote TREASURE ISLAND, which was so great a success. His talent as a poet is not so much known.


Poet Andrea made the hike to the Stevenson grave. One can only imagine the emotion he feel placing a wreath of flowers on the resting place of his inspirational mentor: when he was a child he loved to hear his tales of adventures and once grown up, he began to write poems, adopting the style of the great writer and poet. He felt so overwhelmed at Stevenson’s tomb that he “was inspired to write a poem to him” then and there:



High on a Hill


High on a hill

up near heaven

above a tropic sea


lies the dust of a man

who loved the Lord,

an angel now he be


chief and friend

of the people,

donor to mankind


When we go to Heaven


we will find.



In the Islands of Samoa, the memory of Robert Louis Stevenson is almost adoration.

They use to refer to him as TUSITALA (the teller of tales).



Andrea Lippi showing Stevenson’s portrait








Ronnie’s It


Poet Ronnie’s it

who’d ever think that is what I’d become.

Who’d ever think that

all these words would become words.

Yes that many would enjoy reading

and writing them I’d find fun.

Yes Ronnie’s a poet

that is what I’ve become



(I have been a poet since 1999. Most people,

 except those who new me in High School,

call me Ron. I am still Ronnie to them.)



Feathers in the theatre


Feathers in the theatre

when I went to clean.

Feathers in the theatre

what do you think it means?

Angels and Demons

was the movie playing.

Kind of gives you pause:

did an angel drop them there?

It makes you think