For the love of Bear


That forgotten bygone land


When I am with you there is no despair

but only music in the air.

When I am with you the stars all shine

because they all know that you are mine.


When I am with you and hold your hand

the world is all a magic land.

Did I walk by and touch your hand

in some forgotten bygone land?


Another time, that we did know

yet feel that it was long ago.

Would I but have a crystal ball

to look and see and know it all.


Life's great secrets, young and old

would suddenly do unfold...

That I walked by and touched your hand

in that forgotten bygone land.





Little Dutch girl that I love

You are sent by heaven above

all the world for you I see

hoping that you belong to me.


Andrea wrote this poem when he first met his wife




I know the magic mountain

that lies beyond the sea.

I know it for your every kiss

has brought it here to me


You are the magic mountain

from the land beyond the stars.

I am King and you my Queen

in this wondrous world of ours.