Angels of the Guard



Preface by the author


You may find this book somehow fantastic. It is much like a dream ; but inside of that dream, lies a latent reality. It is  not only imagination but a fiction of reality. I would like to be real what the book says and perhaps it is in a certain way :  something that can only be told involved in a veil of fantasy. It lies inside of me for a lot of years and needs to come out.




READ ME, this shall be your first gesture of love towards me, and MAY IT BE HUNDREDFOLD RETURNED TO YOU!





My children In arms of my husband’s friend, Nino. on top, behind Nino’s head, Roberto ; at left, Manuela; in the middle, crying, Lorenzo ; then comes Alain;  and there I am,  on the very right corner. My fifth child, Sandra, was still not born.

This photo was taken in Camping LA HABANA, at the time I was working on this book.





Chapter 1


We are in a far away future. The dwellers of the Earth are becoming better, more human. Science is progressing. Communication means are simplified. Esperanto is adopted as the main language being taught in all schools. Governments are no more fighting among each other, they endeavour together to conquer the outer space.


The last discovery and greatest expectancy of Earthlings is the spaceship  GALAXIA”. It has the form of a spinning top, measures 500 m of diameter and is entirely built into a synthetic resistant glass able to support the highest infernal temperatures of the outer space.


This spaceship has a quasarian motor ten million times more powerful than an atomic one. With this engine, the spaceship may fly at light speed. Its spherical form and continual rotating  movement around its axis allows a screwing on place most practical for observation. No noise comes out of it and with all lights off, it can be unseen. This fabulous spaceship lays on the moon, which is the Earth Space Base. Having already visited all the planets of our Sun range it is prepared to voyage as far as the nearest star from the Earth, in the constellation of Centaur.


Sadly, Earth is in danger, menaced by a giant comet, which orbit passes precisely through its centre. No doubt exists anymore, collision will take place in three months.


Is an unknown comet, never registered in our planet’s history, which makes us think it comes from another sun system. At nude eye, it is still impossible to locate. Only professional astronomers were able to detect her with their powerful instruments. They say she is ten times bigger than the biggest planets of our system, which weigh some ten thousand million tons. This means that the earth will collide with a gaseous star weighing some hundred million tons.   And still more awful,   the spectral analyses revel that her toxic gases are highly lethal, able to terminate with all sort of life.


A tremendous anguish hangs over the globe. Nonetheless there is a young  Radio TV linkman fighting against this anguish, struggling for not being invaded by it. He is convinced that it existed a possibility to survive and tries to calm himself and other people down by broadcasting hope.


Everywhere on the globe reigns a profound depression. Almost nobody go to work. “Why” they are thinking, if perhaps tomorrow all of us would be dead.


Contrary of others, Adam is seeking relief in his work. He is broadcasting almost without making any stop to rest.


– Dear brothers – he is saying –, dear brothers of mine, please listen to me. Nothing is lost for now. It may be a future for humanity. It is possible if we struggle together to win it. We have to place our truth in God, in that God who dwells inside of us. Let us struggle against fatality. In each one of us a force is sleeping, a force we need to survive. Let us awake this willpower!


Adam encloses all hopes in his words. In his heart of hearts he is praying: “My God, please impede them to abandon the radio”.


But yes, here and there some people are listening and helping others not to abandon their faith. Let us hope they keep carrying on and multiplying, in order we can soon see the fruit and be safe from annihilation.


– Please take due care of the little faith you have, do not lose it. Instead, make it grow. Think about the progresses of the science. Are they not encouraging?


– We are already able to go beyond our solar system... Were we not prepared to voyage to PROXIMA?... Now we may go still further away with our spaceships, be rapidly out of reach of the gases and try to reach Sirius.


  Another possibility is to go out of the solar system to avoid the comet, and then return. Sad we have not enough ships to ensure the security of all of us. We have to find other ways to escape. The human race cannot disappear now that we are able to voyage across the universe, investigate, seek for other habitable planets, study other kind of lives and perhaps contact other intelligent race of beings. After so many years struggling to reach these aims; would it not be absurd to disappear now?


Adam speaks during hours and hours, exposing all argument coming across his mind, trying to encourage himself and the others; to raise a common spirit of struggle; he continue speaking, advising, proposing possible solutions, until he is worn out with  his tongue unable to pronounce  a single other word. Then he remains quiet in his armchair: his body reposing a little, but his mind working non stop. He knows the earth will not collide with something solid, but transparent and odourless, that would expand itself and involve the planet in a lethal hug. The gases will be soft, little by little, they would seep and infiltrate everywhere, slowly, without speed, almost  sweetly; but they will sweep all kind of life with terrifying accuracy, leaving the planet void and clean, for what could arise in the future. We cannot see the gases. So how can you fight them?... And Adam is asking to himself : “Would these gases have some kind of odour? or at least something making us able to detect them and try to flee when approaching? The spectral analyses do not answer these questions. To know them we have to endure respiring the gases and accept the consequences that is be ready to die. What is awful is that you may die without noticing... A manner to know it for sure is to observe the behalf of some animal, from a hidden and safe place. Let be sure that at the level the science has reach, she would be able to capture this odour or lack of odour before the gases are invading us.


Please, my God, make scientist not stop investigating. Oblige all of us to do something, struggle together to find and work out some ways of escape. Do not despair, do not let lose of hope drove you down. We must win, together we will work hard and win, this is the only way to survive.


The thought of death is awful for Adam. And he is afraid, he is madly afraid. And what is worst is that he cannot confide his fear to anybody. He has to calm himself and calm the audience, without showing any sign of despair. His work put him in a position that he had to broadcast all news, and he accept the mission he gives to himself, that is to help others to eradicate their fear and lack of hope; to make all people work together in the search of a solution. He cannot rest now, first he has to see the result of his non stop encouraging speech.


A great enterprise is raising up. All people able to work is now digging as profound they can down to the centre of the globe. They manage to build seemly well conditioned refuges at 3.000 meters down earth, with all principal needs covered in view of a long stay. Since they do not find an adequate energy source, the electricity will be supplied with special piles running with an auto refilling cartridge. Each refuge has a kitchen garden to grow potatoes and all possible vegetables and fruits. Openings in chimney form are build to enable people to descend to the refuges.


Opening ways to the centre of the Earth, we fall sometimes on a big  natural clearing bathed in an opaque light. They say this is due to a bigger concentration of compress air. The more spacious is the clearing the more lighted it is. There we find a strange vegetation which ensure an appreciable source of oxygen. From where really comes this light? Atmosphere is blue but only under the sun beams.


True subterranean villages are raising and when all seems ready to  be  inhabited ,    the  share  of  goods  and all what may result useful underneath, is going on. People can only conserve their personal effects. All other things have to be shared if found of some utility, otherwise abandoned.


Money in all its forms is collected and melted to make more useful items. The humanity wants no more commercial transactions ; those times are over. Now is time to help each other in a common equity, putting all what one knows at the service of the others, like a huge family. Some are doubting : “will that work out? ...  It is difficult for people to change behaviour and, sadly, in times ahead, when all return to normal, we have to admit the probability to fall again into capitalism: lazy and cleverclogs would take advantage of the work of others, as they did in the past. But now, working together in a complete solidarity is what we need and the only way to salvation.



My children with Rogelio, a neighbour, and his donkey.

Roberto, Alain, Sandra in arms of Manuela and Lorenzo.