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Long time after the kestrels had gone in search of a new home to spend the cold, I have a need to know what happened to the little mirror shoved by a windís hurricane-force from the window of my kitchen down to the nest. I lean out with some difficulty : the location of the nest is completely empty. The mirror has disappeared ???

Spring will come again and my winged friends shall reappear, building new nests, laying the coloured eggs that give birth to tiny sweet white cottony birdies like these ones found in Google:





Climate is strange this year 2012. The whether hops from cold to warm without advising.


The kestrels are coming again very soon, too soon I think. I saw the male, making guard on February, 28, 2012. Afterwards they had to fly away because of the cold.



Kestrels copulating Ė photo found in Google


Last Monday, the sky wasgrey, very grey ; and it began to rain. All the morning it was raining. In the afternoon the sun appeared for a wile. Opening the window, I let the little warm of it coming inside to enjoy my soul. And guess what I saw then: I saw my dear kestrels patrolling the place. It was September 24, 2012. Not habitual neither. They cannot remain, because the cold will return. This year is really a strange one!!!


Tomorrow is the last day of the year (here, in my apartment: 14 degrees; this is cold for an in place). I am wearing a very warm coat and I donít suffer from the low temperature. But the thermometer could drop, get lower still more, and as I donít want to catch a cold, I put on the little heater I have near me.


From the beginning of November, the birds I have around are no more my dear friends kestrels ; but a couple of seagulls!!! They are very, very big, enormous, taking the place of my friends, the kestrels; what I donít like at all. The image I see when I look through the window in the morning, is this giant couple making guard on the roof in the crossing of streets.

Thatís makes me afraid for the kestrels. I hope the seagulls will do what they have to do and get away before the returning of the kestrels, which would be Ė I suppose Ė on the last days of March, or beginning April. I donít want to imagine what could happen otherwise. This kind of seagulls are much bigger than the kestrels, three or four times beyond. And they are carnivorous, too !!! ... ...


I was furious at first, but now I began to get accustomed. They use to communicate between them by clucking. It is amusing to see their beak opening and closing when advising each other at the hearing of some unexpected noise.



Novembre 26, 2012



We are now in 2013, exactly today is January 5th. Continuing referring myself to the birds of my living environment, on the first spring days, is going to appear a strange kind of birds, called swifts. As the climate is unusually mild for the season, they are already here. They must have their nest around here, because I see the flock of them before everysunset dancing and making a real concert of joyful cries in the sky.



Found in Internet : leesbird.com



Normally, they make their nest only once in their life, and return always to put their eggs in it, when the nice days of spring call them. At seeing them, people fell happy because they think winter is gone. But this year, same as the kestrels they were deceived by the hectic climate, which seems to like hopping from cold to warm without advising.


Theses birds have a very strange behaviour. They spend all their life in the air without alighting; they do it only to make the nest and lay the eggs. They sleep at a height of two thousand meter just slowing the movements of their wings from ten to seven times per second.


Birdies do not be taught how to fly. They have it in their genes. They leave the nest flying and never return to it. They go on flying without stop during two year. After this time they are adults and able to build a nest and grow a family.






All these swift Ď s images were found in Internet

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