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Takashi Arima

Evensong for Silent Stars

Waver not at the words of men of titles,

nor be swept away with the song and dance of opportunists –

At shores ravished by the Great Wave,

voiceless souls oar up into the heavens.


The papers and TV churn out the same old stories,

but neither the mutterings of an old man alone in his broken house,

nor the black news of those who will never come home,

are ever heard from the contorted scene this halation causes.


A year has passed since all this happened – and yet –

even after the ancient call for hibernation to end has come,

no ant, no worm, no frog, no snake emerge from the soil,

and our digging turns up only nameless rags and formless debris.


Yet lifting up our drooping  heads that sway to left and right,

small stars send light that trembles in the cold night sky,

silent souls living on and on without end,

blinking silently to those who live below.




Cherry blossoms cover a tree among tsunami wreckage in Natori city,

Miyagi prefecture, Japan, on April 18, 2011.

(Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)



Cherry blossoms and other flowers are seen at the Hanamiyama park

in Fukushima, northeastern Japan on April 18, 2011.

(AP Photo/Hiro Komae)


 See how life is always winning over death !!!




Takashi’s original poem in Japanese :










AP Photo Hiro Komae


Wonderful this photo taken after the tsunami

like the opening door for a better world.






Koichi Yakushigawa


Poem and Photo in both English and Japanese

from Stone Buddha TrilogyNo. III


Talking with Stone-Buddha


Clouds rising

Out of the ravines

of the Mt. Hiei,

gathering and rising

the milky vapors

changing itself into Clouds.

The mountain is covered all

in the white clouds.

Looks like a raging angel

shaking white hair loose.

The central cathedral,

many other churches

crowning over the mountain,

firing up with white clouds.

It looks like a giant in rage

bristle up its white hairs.

The white clouds rising up

out of the ravines

of the Mt. Hiei.

We know

language once rising up

like the clouds.

Do you remember it,

don’t you!



Mt. Hiei is soaring at the north-east of the city of KYOTO.

It has been worshipped as a holy mountain to guard Kyoto,

the Capital City of Emperor, from any calamity.










Kiyoko Ogawa

For someone never to be born


My would-be-child who may be

waiting for a sign up above.


Embraces stolen and silent

that can hardly ever take any forms.


Lines of lines

never to be illuminated,


forever neglected  in a womb

swarmed with words disconnected.


Requiem for the future.



In a far-developed country


Children go to school

to turn into robots.


Women put on cosmetics

to look uglier.


Lunatics go to psychiatrists

to become crazier.


People accumulate knowledge

to exchange it for money.


Still all of us live

in order to live.





Continued rainy days remind me of Sylvia

who lived in a solid German house so damp.


Running out of Welsh onions,

I remember clever Sylvia who generously reaped for us

a huge amount of young onion shoots in her backyard.


Hearing foreign students speak Japanese,

I recollect diligent Sylvia who used to tell us,

“I make it a rule to remember 100 Chinese characters each day.

Four or five hours ’sleep is enough for me.”


Watching the sea,

I think of robust Sylvia who used to complain,

“Japanese water temperature is too warm.

It ‘s best for me to swim in waters of about 18ºC.

I can ‘t fall asleep, my body burning hot,

unless I swim for a couple of hours at night in the river.”


It is a long time since we lost contact with her.

Once in a while we are concerned about earnest Sylvia.

We got her last picture postcard declaring,

“I decided to be a communist.”

Shortly after that, the Berlin Wall collapsed.




Berlin Wall




Wanting to communicate with her folks of the other side






September 3rd,  , 2002 in Kyoto

Miharu Abe, left, wearing a white jacket,

enjoying a cup of tee with Mariette




September 5th, 2002 in Kyoto

Carrying visitors for a walk in old Kyoto is not an easy work