I do not begin today editing number 25 of AIR. It wa on December 18th when I opened the file; and it was to save the works I was already receiving for this book.


Now it was when I opened the file; and still now it is when I report it. It seems to me that only the present time exists. The past may serve us as a model, or all the contrary if it was a bad time. But, what is true is that the past no more exists; we cannot live in it. The future is like an interrogative dot. We cannot know what it will be; we may suppose, that’s all. What we think would occur most of the time does not occur because of a change of circumstances. Life is not stable, becoming different at any moment and surging from nowhere where we never expected to find it, in a manner that overstep our imagination.


I opened this file on December of last year and I am relaunching  it at different times of the present year. I only know that the time was already present when I opened it and also now, when I am writing in it.


We live always at present. The time is a human’s creation to permit us to navigate with a compass through the mysteries of life. It is only now, when we think, when we write, when we are executing some activity, even sleeping, that we really exist.


We do sometimes ask to ourselves : “must I act now or wait for  better circumstances”. This is the question quite all the people are asking themselves before acquiring some goods or undertaking something new. We are in crisis. Acting now is daring; it means to put everything we have at risk. But if we can allow us the luxury of putting  ourselves in peril, we have already won a point. A lot of people have no other remedy than to support what is falling on them, hoping for a “miracle” .



But I shall continue to edit AIR; have no doubt about it. Because I don’t want it to fall, I will increase the price of subscription price of one euro, ONLY ONE EURO, which I am sure you can afford. For the sending expenses I would have to add still one euro more for Spain, and four euros to send it abroad.


Now, when I am writing to you, we are on the last day of May 2013.


To live, I need AIR ; and AIR needs you to survive.


Warmly yours