Goodnight. I say goodnight because the sky is already quite black. Only 12 degrees on my balcony. Inside I have 16 degrees.  But I shall not be cold when writing, I have just put  up the little electric radiator I have near me. Today’s date is January 29, 2014. I was almost forgetting to quote it, but it is important to situate us. The time today covers all diversities : clouds, rain, sun; and terrifying gusts of wind making the windows shake like leafs.


We are in full crisis. Nothing is the way it was before, like we were habituated. A question mark flies making us waltzing in a funny music; making us beginning things we don’t know how they will finish. We are not lacking energy. We must adapt ourselves. We must follow the tempos of the dance. We must find means to live differently.


March 21,  2014 – First day of spring

The crisis is still here, with downs and ups; more downs than ups; only little ups from time to time advised by our Government, but not sensed by the plain people. I believe we have still crisis for long...


In the bad there is always something positive. We will search it and we will find it. We must be optimistic, never fall in despair.


Always yours