Poet of the U.S.A.




Andrea Lippi




When Andrea first visited Spain at the young age of twelve. He fell in love for the first time. When he came to Spain as a grown man, he fell in love again when he first set eyes on his wife, Catherine.


They became completely enchanted with the wonderful coastal town of Torremolinos, located on the “Costa del Sol” near alaga and would live there four or five months out of each year. Inspired by its coastal waters and beauty, Andrea said he “heard music in the streets” and felt free to sing as he strolled the town on those enchanted evenings. He was a visiting professor at the University of Malaga, teaching journalism, English and American History.


Andrea wrote many poems of love for his second home. Here are only a few:


Spanish and Sunrise

The sun shines on the mountains and it rises from the sea

On the beaches hard at work the fishermen there be


Pulling in the nets by hand singing as they go

While tourists line the beaches as if to see a show.


Children play upon the sands while lovers stroll and sing

Far off in the distance the chapel bells ring


This Spain for sure I know it well, and were it all a dream,

I’d dream it every time I could, for I love so well the theme.



In Malaga, there is a song I hear

A melody from a distant sphere


Light and lilting, lovely and seet

You can hear it play on any street


The harbor great havens busy ships

There in port from ocean trips


Seamen stroll from ships to bars

Fountains smile ‘neath twinkling stars


Church bells chime the hours away

Malaga, where my soul does stay.




Where fair winds kiss a tranquil sea,

and clouds seem to play a symphony.


Where lovers walk by beaches bright,

kiss by the moon’s enchanting light.


All the world stands blissfully still,

call it Torremolinos, if you will.





Andrea visited Gibraltar several times and was influenced by its seas, the “rock” and its amazing lighthouses. He often went to Europe on business and cultural missions, in the hopes of promoting good relations with the European business world. His goal was to bring business to the United States and the Philadelphia area, in particular at the Navy Shipyard.


Straits of Gibraltar

Gateway to Cathay

Sail East or West

you will arrive there one day.


Eastward through Suez

Westward across the Isthmus

Sailing the Isles of Christmas


Sail around the world

and surely you will see

the Madonna of Europe

rich in history.


From the book Passions of a Poet

 (224 pages with a lot of pictures and commentaries

from all around the world)

If you are interested in it, send a mail to Catherine Lippi




The last Spanish governor of the Rock : Diego de Salinas

by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau