Death does not mean nothingness


I cannot love you, Death.

As the term of a time I may accept you.

But as a complete void: nothingness, NEVER!

Before a state it always existed another,

something that transcended,

something that had to extinguish

to be born again:

alike or different.

Something that proves it was a life before the life,     

a life that could be seen, touched or smelled,

perhaps all together, perhaps something different,

but never a complete void.

All changes and converts to different life.

How can man escape from this law?

It is taught by the science in the principles of the Universe,

and by the bible: you are dust and shall return to dust.

Dust is a quite insignificant material, but it exists.

Dust adheres to other dust and may be nest for a new life.

Flesh can rot, but rot nourishes million of lives.

Nothing is born from nothing and

nothing returns to nothing

because nothingness does not exist.

If you do not believe it, demonstrate it!

Non visibility does not mean non existence.

The Spirit and the antimatter do exist.

Life is a play and depending to the moves

we shall pass from a state to another,

but never to nothingness.

All is up to you.

Be careful when acting!

You have entire liberty to move your chips

although you cannot really chose.

You have to throw the dice and do with the result.

From each move depends your future, and not only yours!

Be careful when acting!

Your thoughts are also important,

and very dangerous, because you cannot dominate them.

 The waves they generate may be positive or negative.

Thoughts have their own life,

a life that escapes from our control.

This is not a poem, I know,

is the strategy

of Life.



October the 17th, 2000