Poet of today in Kyoto, Japan


Koichi Yakushigawa



Waiting for the Rainbow


Rain falls upon the ruin,

the Tower of Babel!

our fathersí efforts

to build up the tower,

speaking the same language,

was broken down,

into pieces with the language.


Where is gone our language?

Where is the day

when we spoke one language?

Let us gather up the pieces of the language

to regain our Mother language.


Today rain is falling

upon the Zero Zone,

upon the desert,

upon the northern mountains.

Jihad! What an old nostalgic word to us!

How often we heard and spoke the word

during the war!


Today rain is falling

upon us all in the world.

We are waiting for

seeing the rainbow again

as they were on the ark.




Stepping up



This is an old step of marble.

A little higher step is

A little heavier burden to me,

In stepping up as well as down.


In stepping up I find myself

Never keeping face up,

Just keeping my breath regular

Keeping my steps stable.


My brain is full of stepping up.

I am most earnest at it.

Stepping up fills up myself,

And I lose where to step up.


These old steps are endless,

I am stepping up silent.



A Song of Stone Buddha


Rather than a ticking watch

sandglass is preferable to me

where time is never ticked out

where time whispers falling.


Wind bearing time away

river washing time out

timeís edge flashing in air

make my eyes closed.


The blue sky spreading in myself

I ask the air in vain

the days I was a stone Buddha


I am a stone Buddha collapsing

I am sand in sandglass falling

Allís becoming the blue sky.