You shall not kill!

And bombs are booming,

and walls are crushing bodies,

and bridges are crumbling,

and they cut the veins

of the Earth.


Mother Earth groans

and continues to implore:

you shall not kill!


The clamour fades in the mourning of the people,

in the mourning of the fauna,

in the agony of life.


The trees are moving their branches in despair,

supplying with their remaining green:

you shall not kill!


But nobody listen.


Our mother, the Earth, is dying.

She gave us birth

and we envenom her bowels,

we envenom the air we respire.


And men, who are throwing bombs,

and men who are killing races,

also begin to shout:

you shall not kill!


But what are bombs doing?

What is race cleaning doing?

But lapping all trace of life,

but turning life into desert,

but impeding peace to bud!


You shall not kill!

But under the mask of saviour, you kill!

How can you think death prevent death?


Do not kill any more!


Donít you see life is hiding,

fleeing, losing ground?


Stop it!

Leave her at least a piece of green

and go away to let it grow!


You shall not kill!

You shall not kill any more

after your son must die

to demand you

the Peace.




April the first, 1999